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Hollywood Awards Party-A few Tips for a Star Spangled Night

Awards parties are becoming increasingly popular and the theme is easily modified to suit your own party requirements. The theme has the advantage of having easily freely party decoration, party costumes and readily fits any buffet style.

Here are a few fun ideas to make your party a truly memorable event;

Firstly, choose a date. This is key; as it will allow you to determine whether you will need to find a venue or that it will be possible to hold it at home and make use of the garden or yard. There are benefits of choosing to hold your ‘awards party?in a separate venue as it will be easier to decorate as normally the wall will be plain and ceiling will be higher allowing greater scope.

The next most important consideration is cost. For grand corporate events there will be more off budget for decoration. This does not mean that this theme cannot be used for a private party, it simply means that a little more imagination will be required.

Wall Decoration Treatments The walls of the event location will benefit from some decoration treatment. Party professionals will have available to them nighttime skylines complete with twinkling stars and these will be used to line at least part of the room. If you don’t have these available and hiring them in for the event is not possible you could paint your own on sheets of hardboard and integrate twinkling white fairy lights to represent the stars. Make sure that these are rated for outdoor use as applicable. Alternatively you could just paint the boards black and use the same light treatment.

One of the latest party decoration techniques is to use ‘wall grabbers?or ‘wall scenes? These are pre-printed large scene backdrops which are printed on clear plastic and have ‘non sticky?glue applied allowing them to be positioned on the wall and then removed as required. These should be reusable and can easily be integrated with the first effect. There should be a wide range of these available for Hollywood Awards theme parties.

Use ‘shimmer curtains?to cover large areas of the wall for little cost. If the lights in the room catch these curtains, they will be reflected back into the room adding to the overall magic. As they are lightweight, they are susceptible to the wind movement so this should be considered when positioning them.

Balloons If you are having balloons, black and gold or black and silver always add the maximum glitz to any event or celebration. If the budget allows, balloons can be professionally arranged and bouquets flown from purpose designed table centers. If the decoration budget doesn’t allow for this, balloons can be air-filled and used to create columns (held upright by lightweight electrical conduit ?there goes another trade secret), which can be positioned around the room.

Floor Treatment What could be better than a red carpet leading into the venue’s main room..? If the budget can’t stretch to a compete line of carpet, perhaps a couple of red doormats to make the impression, but make sure that these are either fixed securely or are non slip.

The use of a low-level ‘fog machine?will add significantly to the atmosphere and can be used to hide the floor, but this is only important whilst the room fills up with guests.

Ceiling Treatment To compliment the twinkling stars in the wall treatment, not use silver stars to continue the night time theme across the ceiling. Again, these will also catch the lights in the room. Alternatively there is a variety of Hollywood ceiling hangers which can be used.

Guest Greeters What could be better than being greeted at the event by a couple of famous celebrities? If the budget allows, these can be hired in for the night ?see event management. Alternatively some good fancy dress, makeup, wigs and perhaps masks can be used to transform anyone’s appearance. Greeters should ‘greet?the guest and have a couple of words with each.

Here’s a twist to this, why not film the greeting and beam?it into the main room for the guests who have already arrived to watch whilst the main body of the guests arrive. Nice touch would be to enclose the video recorder in a ‘mock-up?of a TV News style camera. If there is a screen and video available in the room, it would be possible to use this imaginatively or during any real awards if any.

Costumes Two real alternatives exist. Firstly and most simply, it would be formal dress with Suits for the gentlemen and long dresses for the ladies. The second alternative is to either set the theme based on one film or genre of film, or allow the guests to come as any film star or film character. The latter is easiest and allows guests to express their own persona through their costume selection.

Invitations Make sure that the theme of the event is fully explained in the invites you send out and keep a list of fancy dress costume ideas by the phone so that when confused guests ring, you can offer advise and ideas on the spot.

Appreciate their Efforts Before the event either hand everyone a ballot paper or put them out by the buffet or refreshments on which all of your guests can nominate other guests costumes in any number of categories. - All Rights Reserved.