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Simple Animal Theme Party Ideas for Children and Adults

Although anyone can visit and enjoy a zoo, farm, or aquatic event, these places generally cater to the animal lover in children. A party with an animal theme can generate a lot of creative ideas. Noah’s Ark is an obvious choice for a child’s animal party. According to the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible, there was an excess of 30,000 animals (2 per each species) aboard the vessel that was deemed the sole survivor of a flood that swept the land. With so many animals in the world, guests to such a party could have a significant number of options for costumes.

An animal party doesn’t have to focus on real animals. An animated animal party theme can prove to be just as fun. The host can choose a particular cartoon show or movie and have the partygoers arrive dressed as their favorite character. For a children’s party, coloring books, giving all the children gifts, and decorating the venue with accessories from cartoon characters are all ways to spice up this type of animal party. A party with an animal theme should have activities that focus on animals. An old game, but definitely a goodie is Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Filling a piñata in the shape of an animal with candy and allowing a child swing at it blind folded is also an old party favorite.

A twist on a party with an animal theme is to have a toga party like the one featured in the famous college movie, Animal House. This film, which depicted a humorous portrayal of fraternity life, was the first of a string of movie hits from college students who published the college magazine, National Lampoon. Of course, employ the zany and over-the-top antics from the movie at your own discretion. - All Rights Reserved.