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Why Is Podcasting HOT

Podcasting suddenly came on the scene in 2005 and has been rapidly changing the world of communication and media as we know it. Sort of like an underground mass mania, podcasting has a viral affect and spreads from computer to ipod to mp3 device…and who knows what’s next?

I predict that within the next two years, podcasting will become more of a business communications vehicle. Managers of large corporations are starting to look into this form of communications as a way of reaching target audiences for their product or services Educators will use podcasting as a distance learning tool. Professional speakers will podcast to give potential clients a taste of the great time they’ll get to hear if they choose to book the speaker for a speaking engagement. Churches and ministries will use podcasting to spread the messages of their faith. Last, but not least, small businesses will use podcasting to mass market their products and services to an audience that would otherwise have never heard of them.

There are podcasts on every subject imaginable?business applications and development, computer concepts, family and life management, education, religion and spirituality, health and nutrition, society and culture…you name it, and there’s probably a podcast somewhere out there on that subject.

So why is podcasting HOT?

The next time you enter a college campus, take a look at the students who are walking to class. The majority of them are wearing ipods and listening to music…and probably podcasts also. The next time you’re on a subway, train, or airport, look around to see how many people are listening to mp3 players. Mp3 players with podcast download capabilites are on the rise…and if you just happen to have your very own podcast out there on the web, you may be one of those fortunate enough to be listened to by a large audience around the world! Imagine the power of one podcast on our global network! Don’t you think it’s time you created your own podcast?

Demetria Zinga, M.S. is a web designer, internet marketing strategist, video & podcast consultant, & digital media trainer. Let Coach Demetria’s business technology training take your business to the next level today, by visiting

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