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Articles in Home | Health & Fitness

Foot Care: Tips to Avoid Cracked Heels

         Cracked Heels

         Without doubt, your feet are the most active part of your body, even more than your hands. In fact most of the time they are definitely overworked. Especially in today’s day and age, the big metros are so widespread that one has to cover long distances to get from one place to the next be it for job or other work. Therefore it is very much essential that one must take extra care of their feet in order to avoid having foot problems.

         Cracking and fissures in the skin of the heels and the balls of the feet can be painful, especially for heavy individuals who place more pressure on these parts. As with any open skin lesion, a fissure leaves the region susceptible to bacteria. Foot infections can be very serious because bacteria tend to multiply rapidly and travel deep into the foot quickly because of the continuous pressure. They are often hard to heal because the wound is surrounded by calloused skin.

         Tips to Avoid Cracked Heels:

         # Do not expose your feet to extreme climate i.e., extreme cold or extreme heat.

         # Wash feet daily in lukewarm water, blot dry without rubbing and apply a urea-based cream.

         # If your heels are very dry, use a pumice stone to slough off dry skin, cover feet with petroleum jelly and put a pair of socks before going to bed.

         # Pedicure your feet more often.

         # Use hot-cold water technique. Dip your feet in hot water and then after five minutes dip it in cold water. Do this for 20 minutes. This method improves the blood circulation.

         # Choose your shoes carefully and pick only the best quality.

         # Before going to bed daily pamper your feet with a rich moisturising cream.

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