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What Is A Protective Property Trust-And Why Should I Consider One?

A Protective Property Trust (PPT) can be written into a British Will, and can be used to ‘protect?half the value of a property in the event of a surviving partner having to go into Care. A local authority can often require that the family home is sold to fund long-term care, and can use the majority of the capital from the sale to fund the care (up to the last ?2,750). With a normal Will the surviving partner‘s Estate will be worth very little when they pass on; with a Protective Property Trust in place half of the Property belongs to a Trust that became active when the first partner died ?the Local Authority cannot touch this, and it goes to the appointed beneficiaries.

These Trusts are easy to set up, and can also be used in situations where the deceased wants to make sure that his children are beneficiaries of his/her estate in the event of the surviving partner remarrying before they pass on.

To set up a PPT, a couple have to be co-owners of a property. They do not have to be married.

If both co-owners go into care, the property will have to be sold and proceeds used to pay for care, but if only one co-owner goes into care then half the property will definitely be protected.

Over 70,000 homes were sold in 2001 to pay for care (Liberal Democrat Party stats).

The average cost for care is now over ?65 per week.

The Community Care Act 1990 stated that if a person can afford to pay for their care then they will have to pay: when a person goes into care their assets (in many cases including their property) will be assessed and means tested.

Statistics show that one in four people in the UK will have to go into Long-Term Care at some time in the future.

For more information on including a PPT in your Will, visit

Andrew is a qualified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher, with 15 years experience of the global Automotive Industry as a Sales manager with an International component and systems supplier.

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